Blackjack rules

Like every other skill in life, practice makes you perfect in blackjack. But to practice, you need some source material, especially the rookies. So, here’s a perfect blackjack guide which will help you learn how to play blackjack like a pro.

First, we need to run through the rules. Depending on the platform, the number of decks can be between one and eight. The goal of blackjack is the same for both the player and the dealer: try to have a total card score of 21 or be as close to it as possible, without going above. If your total card score goes above 21, you lose that hand.

According to the blackjack chart, the ace is the most powerful card in this game. Depending on the player, the ace can carry a value of either 1 or 11. You may not think much of this if you haven’t played blackjack yet, but I bet you’ll be praying for an ace sooner than you expect. Additionally, cards that carry 10, J, K and Q have a value of 10 each, while the values of cards carrying figures 2 to 9 remain the same as the numbers on them. As you may have noticed, the rules of the game remain the same regardless of the platform you are using; even if you’re playing offline. These are standard blackjack rules that apply regardless of variation or number of decks.

Advanced Blackjack Rules

Now to the nitty gritty of the game. The first thing that happens is that your dealer deals you two cards. The combined value of these cards determines a lot as the game progresses. After the initial two cards are dealt, you have 5 moves to choose from. You can decide to stand, hit, split, double down or surrender.

According to rules of blackjack, to STAND means you decide not to ask for any more cards. To HIT means you ask the dealer for one or more cards. To SPLIT, you decide to play with two hands, rather than just one you’ve been dealt. When you DOUBLE DOWN, you’re asking the dealer for just one more card, increasing your bet in the process. The SURRENDER move simply means you are trying to cut your losses, although this move is not always available.

When you decide to stand, your cards value would be compared with that of the dealer. Whoever has their total cards value closer to 21 is the winner. In casino lingo, we say they have a stronger hand. Bear in mind that the closeness to 21 must be on the lesser side.

If you’ve been following you should know that the best pair of cards you can have is an ace and a 10. That’s a straight 21. Also, a soft hand is one that has an ace, while a hard hand is one that doesn’t.

How To Win At Blackjack

If you’re looking for the best way to win at blackjack, the most important thing to remember here is that blackjack, just like any other casino game, has a house edge or house advantage. This means that in the long run, it isn’t possible to consistently win at blackjack.

That said, the house edge in blackjack is one of the lowest among casino games - about 0.5% (depends on the rules). That is, if you know what you’re doing and follow the perfect blackjack strategy. Thus, there are two keys to winning blackjack - use the best strategy for your rule set, and know when to stop.


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